SlimUnut Weight Loss Nut – RETURNING CUSTOMERS

SlimUnut Weight Loss Nut – RETURNING CUSTOMERS

48 days’ supply for existing clients
48 days’ supply for existing clients

An organic alternative to losing weight naturally and effectively. No special diets or exercise required. The nut helps to correct your metabolism and break down fats in your body. As you take the nut your appetite and cravings for sweet and fatty foods should slowly start to decrease. You will start to eat healthier as time goes by on slimUnut.

The only recommendations we ask is that you are sensible with your eating habits (You can still have your favourite treats within moderation) Try as much as possible to cut out carbohydrates and orange & red vegetables for supper. You do your best and  SlimUnut will do the rest.

IMPORTANT – You need to drink 2L of water a day and have 3 balanced meals in order for the nut to work. Detoxing should start in your 2nd week however it can start in your first week. While detoxing you need to add banana, cucumber or yoghurt into your diet alternatively you can use our meal supplement or moringa.


CAUTION: Please never shall you at any moment split all the seeds at once. Only split the seed as needed.

From Day 1 to Day 8

Start to split the first nut into 8 pieces then rest of the nuts into 4 pieces total of 8 pieces for the first 8 days, then next nuts must cover 44 days start to take 1/4 of the nuts. (NEVER CONSUME MORE THAN 1/4 SEED) Should you feel that the 1/4 is too heavy on your metabolism reduce back to 1/8 for a few days.


Squash the recommended seed between two teaspoons, place in a glass with boiling water from the kettle, Allow to cool down and drink. First 8 days you use 1/8 of the nut, then after 8 days ¼.

CAUTION: Never should you at any time consume more than 1/4 of a seed!

Tips and Pointers

The hotter the water is, the better the results. You can add a drop of lemon juice (optional) be careful if you have low blood pressure when using lemon juice.

Very Important

First thing in the morning drink a glass of warm water, it will help you to get your metabolism going, and to eliminate the fat and toxins from your body. You can add a drop of lemon juice, be careful if you have low blood pressure as lemon juice can thin your blood a lot.

Drink lots of water at least 2 litres daily (8 glasses) you need to eat 3 well-balanced meals per day.

Vitamins are important, especially during the detox period.

You may experience tiredness, sore muscles, and headaches – this is caused by the body getting rid of all the toxins and excess fat in your body. Banana and yoghurt put the potassium back that you can lose due to a lot of bowel movement. Cucumber is also recommended.

Try our Advantage Meal Supplement Shake helps through detox.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do not use the nuts if you are allergic to nuts or omega 3 and 6.

If you have heart, kidney and liver conditions the nuts are not recommended! Should you use the nuts knowing you have these conditions, we take NO responsibility.

If you had operations on your colon it is also not recommended.

DO NOT make your bowel movement your priority not everybody`s metabolism is the same.

In the beginning, you lose more centimetres then kilos.

You will experience sore muscles this is due to your body getting rid of excess fat.

Your breasts will be sore.

Don’t give up the end result is worth it!

If you leave the nuts for longer than a week – start with 1/8 again.

DO NOT USE in combination with other diet products.

It is important to eat healthy (veggies and fruit)

If you are Insulin Resistance – start your day with a protein breakfast. This is not an instant diet but a healthy diet.

If you eat healthily your weight can remain constant.

IMPORTANT: If you going to party and consume alcohol rather leave the nut for the night as it could make you nauseous.


Your weight loss depends on the way you eat, the nut is not a miracle worker. If you do your best the nut will do the rest!


Live your healthiest life

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