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Slim-U-Caps – First Time Users

38 days’ supply for new clients.

SlimUnut weight loss capsule is a detoxifying capsule and when ingested as prescribed in the instructions, it may cause you to detox. We strongly recommend and advise that anyone who is currently using any prescribed antibiotics should not use slimUnut weight loss capsule, as some of the compounds within the slimUnut capsules has the ability to override the strength of the antibiotics.


Slim-U-Caps – First Time Users

As the owner of Genie in a Nutshell, I am proud to introduce Slim-U-Caps, your partner in weight loss and wellness. Our product is formulated with premium ingredients to support your health journey effortlessly.

Slim-U-Caps contains essential fatty acids like Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid, carefully selected to promote overall well-being. Oleic Acid aids in regulating blood pressure and supporting heart health, while Linoleic Acid helps burn fat, build muscle, and boost immunity. In addition to Slim-U-Caps, incorporating cucumber, banana, and yogurt into your diet can further enhance your weight loss journey.
These nutritious foods provide essential vitamins, minerals, and hydration to support your body’s needs during the process.

Alternatively, you can complement your Slim-U-Caps regimen with Genie in a Nutshell’s multivitamin Moringa. This powerhouse supplement offers a broad spectrum of nutrients, including 94 properties, to support various aspects of health and wellness.
I personally lost 37 kgs in 14 months using SlimU Nut products, and I’m thrilled to share this transformative experience with you.

Each purchase of Slim-U-Caps provides a 38-day supply for first-time users and a 30-day supply for existing clients, ensuring you have ample support throughout your weight loss journey. With Slim-U-Caps and these dietary additions, you have all the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goals effectively and sustainably.

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