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Yaka Shea Butter

Yaka Shea Butter is an amazing organic moisturizing shea butter. Yaka absorbs easily into the skin without blocking or clogging the pores and contains no harsh or harmful chemicals. It is so enriching it can be used as a hair treatment. It helps with dry skin, cracked heels, mild to moderate eczema, prevents stretch marks, helps to clear new scars.


Moringa 90 Capsules

This natural powerhouse offers a wide array of benefits, including: Vision improvement Mental clarity Wound healing Improved skin elasticity Hair and nail health Kidney function support Weight loss


Genie’s Hot Rub in a Tub 50ml

Genie’s Hot Rub in a Tub Genie’s Hot Rub in a Tub is an anti-inflammatory hot rub with jalapeno and is an ointment for aches and joint pains.


Moshi Hemp Skin Care 40g CBD

Moshi Hemp Skin Care is a multipurpose and all natural hemp skin cell repair and protection. Face hydration, acne clearing and anti ageing Dry lips Cracked heels eczema, psoriasis and rashes All over skin hydration Cuts, burns and bruises Mosquito repellent


Candlenut Oil

Increases hair growth, length, volume and strength. It brings back the shine. healthy and glowing skin chronic skin conditions stretch marks sunburn wound Treating bacteria healthy hair


PureCollaGenie 300g

With Peptan you can count on solid, scientific evidence. We are proud co-branders of Peptan which means we sell Pure Hydrolysed Collagen powder that stores, and customers can trust for its safety and quality.

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